Friday, December 22, 2006

This blog is a mirror of kind to however you will find:

I am not a jew

I do not masquerade as a jew like our Canadian friend

I am not a rabid foaming at the mouth racist like he is

He and his ilk are responsible for Yahoo shutting down the news discussion boards

Here are some revealing posts regarding this assmonkey:

He is known as pusgut, wino, bacon, beaj, and blimpy.

by: tokin_hymie_shyster 08/09/06 05:00 pmMsg: 2863992 of 2863996 1 recommendation pusgut's dad is an arab kaffir who used to play hide the salami with the teenaged saddam hussein. after coming to canada, he got kicked out of the yid temple for being too dark and had to join a mosque. pusgut's mom is a lebanese gypsy $25 suckie-fuckie barmaid who caught the clap from a jig in toronto. she had full-blown clap while pregnant with pusgut. that's why pusgut's blog blows.
pusgut's house under quarantineby: tokin_hymie_shyster 08/11/06 11:34 amMsg: 2867055 of 2867057 1 recommendation by Canadian health officials. his backyard looks like the site of a mass extinction of pigs. turdboy and preston are livid because pusgut has been eating most of the thick pork chops preston had been shipping to canadian jigs after his meth lab was busted by the DEA.
pusgut's dadby: tokin_hymie_shyster 08/22/06 06:42 pmMsg: 2883610 of 2883611 1 recommendation has been complaining of niggeritis recently. in the good ole days, he and saddam were buttbuds. they used to play hide the salami in with pounce's gay limey dothead ethnic dad.
Subj: OINK YOU LITTLE RETARDED PAKI MUSLIMBy: beaj666Date: 09/11/06 12:19 pm
Watch your back from now on.
Wino's Picture -
by: lardy_mess56 (50/F/shasta county) 03/05/06 01:50 pmMsg: 2423635 of 2423650 2 recommendations Please don't take this the wrong way, I am only telling you this as 1 friend to another.
Your blog blows. It's crappy. Having a blog is like having a baby. You don't need a license to have one. You don't need to meet any qualifications to have one. Anybody CAN have one or more than one. And the ones who normally have them are the ones who really shouldn't have them because they suck. Having one doesn't make you important either.
What I'm trying to tell you is GET A FUKKING JOB AND STOP SPONGING OFF YOUR WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: WINOby: pusgut_plagarise (M/Ontario, Frogville) 03/08/06 12:01 pmMsg: 2434976 of 2434999 2 recommendations You need to get out more and associate with real people. Your small life must be pretty boring.
Posted as a reply to: Msg 2434974 by baconeatingatheistjew
pusgut sits around his govt subsidy flat all day lone sweating the RCMP busting him for his phoney back disability payments and welfare cheques. He leaves the tv and computer on 24/7 so he can plagiarize the writings of others to put on his shitty blog for other highbrow cretins. LOL
WINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!by: foxy_mongolian_socksucker 03/13/06 11:47 amMsg: 2447195 of 2447204 1 recommendation Your voracious appetite of high fat foods has clogged the blood vessels that control your thinking and posting. Your plariaristic writings have deteroriated into pure shit. Go see Jenny and get on a decent diet and weight loss program and try again. Thanks for playing.
Re: Bacon and God: Abortionby: foxy_mongolian_socksucker 03/10/06 03:42 pmMsg: 2442619 of 24426272 recommendations
pusgut is winded after a hard workout consisting of three sets of opening and closing his fridge door 15 times. after logging a new racist article on his crappy blog, pusgut will send his goy wife to cash the phony back disability check so that he can make a couple of losing bets on the weekend races.
FUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOU YAHOOOOOOOOby: bacon_the_sage (45/M/Ontario) 03/13/06 05:23 pmMsg: 2448125 of 2448156 2 recommendations Some POS Arab got my baconeating_atheistjew ID pulled.
Whatever happened to free fucking speech??????
>Pusgut's dad was not really a jew but a blacker than the ace of spades kaffir Arab.
Pusgut turned out surprisingly light-complected given that his dad looked like walking pitch.
pusgut celebrates purimby: pusgut_son_of_an_arab (58/Pizza Hut) 03/13/06 05:49 pmMsg: 2448163 of 2448164 2 recommendations by dressing up as the goodyear blimp and eating discarded pepperoni pizza from the dumpster outside the thunder bay dominos.
Re: WINOby: tokin_hymie_shyster 03/24/06 12:23 pmMsg: 2474954 of 2474955 Asked about Pusgut, the localConservative rabbi, Saul Shmuelson, replied: "Our shul has tried repeatedly to welcome Pusgut intothe observant community. The only time we have seen him here was last Purim, when Pusgut camedressed as Colonel Sanders and tried to trick-or-treat at the shul...uh...I suspect that Pusgutis ashamed of his father, who I understand was a boyhood friend of Saddam Hussein's before emigrating to Canada in the 1940s."
Posted as a reply to: Msg 2474945 by kakas_daddy

WINOby: tokin_hymie_shyster 03/17/06 11:45 amMsg: 2459799 of 2459803 Re: ? Israel is a pain in the assby: j_d_mac_vieau (F/Grace Brothers Department St) 03/11/06 07:37 pmMsg: 6183 of 6664
I just looked at the message board and baconeating_atheistjew is there. He's the biggest jerk-off I have ever met.
Posted as a reply to: Msg 6168 by chester_cheesewright sid=37138459&mid=6183&thr=6139&cur=6139&dir=d
Warning to Oinkby: beaj666 (45/M/Ontario) 03/17/06 04:06 pmMsg: 2460491 of 2460517 4 recommendations Knock it off with the cut and pastes on my blog, or your IP gets broadcasted.
Subj: OINK YOU LITTLE RETARDED PAKI MUSLIMBy: beaj666Date: 09/eon pm
Watch your back from now on.
Re: Sammy takes a lickingby: rev_deacon (59/M/S. ohio) 09/14/06 03:37 pmMsg: 2873144 of 2873172 1 recommendation Bacon's blog shows oinks IP address as Minneapolis, Minn.
Posted as a reply to: Msg 2873139 by lady_ness51
Recommend this Post Ignore this User Email this Posting Report Abuse Re: Oinkby: tax_dik 03/19/06 01:07 pmMsg: 2463770 of 2465252 2 recommendations Unlike you, I work for a living and don't have to plagiarize or steal from others like you.
Posted as a reply to: Msg 2463765 by bacon_eating_atheist_jew
pusgut is a jew when it's convenientby: bacon_the_slug (46/Ontario, PussyCanada) 08/12/06 09:05 amMsg: 2868495 of 2868495 otherwise he uses the guise of atheism to be able to pick and choose a la carte judaism and post on the sabbath. He turned his back on his race, religion and family to commit the unpardonable sin of intermarriage and assimilation. He couldn't find a nice jewish girl so he found a chain smoking goy bleach bottle blonde bimbo that hooked up with him. At least they have no kids.

Subj: Some People Don't Like MeBy: bacon_the_messiahDate: 10/31/06 05:05 pm
# arthurdecco Says:July 18th, 2006 at 7:02 am
If we ever needed proof that the Atheist Jew is a murderous, racist, Zionist punk, here it is:
"I see all you assmonkeys crying about the innocent dead Israelis….not
You people are a piece of work. You Arab asslickers are garbage. Luckily you are politically impotent.
Peace Be Up Your Ass "
orca in a suit with a smoking bimboby: orca_sp_pusgut (46/M/Corpulence, Canada) 11/01/06 12:55 pmMsg: 2966009 of 2966041
on my profile
DEAD PITCH WALKINGby: bacon_the_slug (46/Ontario, PussyCanada) 11/01/06 10:20 amMsg: 2965428 of 2965428
I remember seeing pusgut's baby picture and it looked like they were letting the gardener hold him but it ended up being pusgut's blacker than the ace of spades kaffir arab dad. The pic is on my profile.


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