Sunday, December 24, 2006

Here is another piece posted by our fat Canadian "jew" friend to another of his "jew" friends. You can see what a nice person he is:

THE WATERMAN STORYby: baconeatingatheistjew (44/M/The Great White North) 10/03/05 07:35 pmMsg: 2116555 of 2116563 Waterman was born in Pittsburgh. His mother was a heroin addict trailer trash chick who did any guy who could supply her H. She was shooting up during the entire pregnancy, even on the day she gave birth (this explains Waterman's bipolarity). She placed her fatherless newborn in a dumpster. Waterman was saved and put up for adoption.
A Jewish couple. A woman who survived Auschwitz and her Russian husband adopted waterman. They moved to California.
Waterman always resented his Jewish home. His parents shouldn't have told him he was adopted.
He began to take up non Jewish sports like surfing. It was then he met a blond haired surfing superstar named Joey Buran, who also hailed from Ohio. 4 years his junior, Waterman idolized Joey and became his friend. They would talk about Ohio and surfing endlessly into the night. Waterman was 16 and Joey was 12. He saw how easy Joey picked up girls, he wanted to be Joey so bad. They drifted apart. Joey would go out with girls and Waterman would stay at home on the weekends. Joey got married young and Waterman was hurt not to be invited to the wedding.
Joey became a Christian minister. Waterman was confused. He tried to take his life in college and wound up on a helium machine. It was then when his life was miraculously saved in the Catholic hospital in Washington that he found Jesus.
He went back to California and had a reason to call Joey. Joey baptised Waterman as a Christian.
Now Waterman is a bipolar Messianic Jew. pusgut & goy"From the same episode, this scene is simply billiant:"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cngrats on putting this blog up. BEAJ deserves all the ridicule you can heap on him and then some.

He is a nasty piece of racist scum. However, unlike you I think he is a Jew; just a really, really, nasty one.


10:43 AM  
Blogger Rickey said...

Thank you.

There is more information regarding this hypocrite and liar here:

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BEAJ and his friends are a bunch of bigots. They brutal thing is they are not drooling retards and as such should know better. They have constructed elaborate rhetorical concepts as to why their bigotry is OK but its all just sophism. None of them deserve any respect or sympathy.

BEAJ maintains his "Judaism" in the face of his atheist beliefs so he can one day run off to Israel when he has committed a serious enough crime (welfare fraud does not count) without fear of being deported (just like Solomon Morel) to face justice. Thats what Israel is for; a place for Jews to run to when they have fleeced goys and been caught (a la Boaz Manor).


2:34 PM  
Blogger Rickey said...

Yes, they are self serving and self aggrandizing bigots and racists in their own right. They love to play the semite card at every turn, but want to criticise the religious aspect of judaism so they can do as they please morally without conscience. Of course, pusgut thinks Jon Pollard is really a nice innocent guy. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

6:27 PM  

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